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Omni-channel marketing group

Hello! We are Twiga Ukraine — a big kit of agencies with different specializations with lots of talented people. We can easily assemble into a team you need and we can take on projects of any scale and complexity.

Let’s try?
We create holistic communications and experiences that propel both our clients' business and our portfolio.

We’re among the leaders in the creativity rank of advertising holdings in Ukraine 2020-2021

Twiga Ukraine has been among the 4 most effective advertising groups in Ukraine for 4 years in a row

We have many festival awards, which take up space in offices, cabinets, and on window sills

We celebrate our effectiveness not only on Effie Awards’ceremonies but also whenever we get a figurine on a window sill to keep the window open successfully


The Hottest Summer Promo

PepsiCo & ATB
Watch the case

The most effective award

Effie Awards Ukraine
Watch the case

Pepsi Music Star

Watch the case

Supplier of coziness and warmth

Naftogaz of Ukraine
Watch the case

Fake porn

CO “100% LIFE”
Watch the case

Eat this playlist

Watch the case

That’s enough

Watch the case

How far are you ready to see

ALFA Smart Agro
Watch the case

How we won 50% of the chips market by means of movies

Watch the case

Pepsi Ambassadors Club

Watch the case
More cases
Do you have a project for us?
Our holding is nearly mature. We are 17 years old. During this time, we have honed our efficiency in providing services and collaboration of our agencies.
Integrated Strategies
Digital Campaigns
Marketing Services
Media Services
Healthcare Marketing
Video Production
Creative & Design

In our area, reputation is paramount.

The market is tight: successes and failures become public at lightning speed.

Why Twiga

We're integrated

Each project is implemented in a single point with the utmost focus on the goal, without any loss of effectiveness during data transfer.

We're courageous

If the client needs to launch a rocket into space tomorrow, we will do it. Elon, you'll even get a discount.

We're result-oriented

Surely, likes and recognition please our ego, but what does it even more, is when our customers’ business profits from communications.

We're reliable

80% of our clients have been working with us for over three years. We don't change our address or phone number, so we are always easy to find.

We're also very generous and happy to share our knowledge.

We hold the TWIGA Marathon annualy. Here we manage to cover all marketing and advertising trends in one day. And we hold the Healthcare Creative Forum, where we focus on communications in healthcare.

Welcome to Twiga Ukraine
Kyiv, 23/8 St. Sagaidachnoho
Let’s cooperate twiga@twiga.com.ua Send us your CV hr@twiga.com.ua PR & Media Relations pr@twiga.com.ua

This strategic agency is engaged in marketing consulting, develops strategies for integrated campaigns, and sends rockets into space, managing the complex mechanisms of campaign ecosystems.

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The guru of integrated digital communications and strategies. They pack the brand into the perfect creative, SMM, media campaign, and PPC & programmatic advertising. If needed, they can also develop a creative campaign with influencers.

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Agency of specialists in effective and innovative marketing solutions in consumer promotion, experiential marketing, shopper marketing, and online merchandising.

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A team of media experts who professionally package integrated analytical data into media strategies and comprehensive campaigns with cutting-edge reports in Power BI. By the way, they won the 2019 Most Effective Media Agency in Ukraine.

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Leader in healthcare marketing in Ukraine. Their domain is strategies and comprehensive marketing, communication, and digital projects for communication with healthcare practitioners, pharmacists, and ordinary consumers.

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Creative video agency. They shoot original video and photo content for social media, digital, and TV campaigns and PR, HR projects, and events.

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An agency of bold creative experts who develop communication strategies, concepts, videos, and various designs. They believe in the power of omnichannel creativity.

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