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on 11 January 2010
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Twiga Advertising Ukraine in cooperation with MedInform Ukraine has developed a TV-spot for Enterosgel trademark (Kreoma-Farm).

Mariya Plotnikova, agency’s art-director, says, “The TV-spot starts with the ocean. Human organism can be compared to the ocean – both of them are full of beauty and harmony. But sometimes they are polluted. And when the organism needs clearing Enterosgel helps to restore its inner beauty similar to marvelous ocean’s underwater. Clearing of the organism is as essential as natural processes in the ocean”.

The TV-spot is screened on national, multi-regional and niche channels (1+1, UT-1, Kino, TET, Channel 24, Tonis) in December-January.

The placement is made by Media First Ukraine agency (media agency of Twiga group).

Enterosgel is an original absorbing medication for clearing an organism of wastes and toxins.

Kreoma-Farm is a developer and producer of medications of absorbing-detoxing activity.