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on 23 October 2009
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Twiga Advertising Ukraine and MedInform Ukraine developed a concept of advertising materials for a range of new àntipyretics medication, Helpex, by the MoviHealth company.

Viktoriya Obidovskaya, MedInform Ukràine managing director, comments, “The agency aimed to stress key brand values – help, comfort, Swiss roots, high effectiveness and safety. There is a high competition level in the sphere of àntipyretics, so it was quite uneasy to create a unique creative concept, but we found a solution”.

Mariya Plotnikova, agency’s art-director, says, “The communicational concept is based on the idea of a doorkeeper, who is a symbol of effective and delicate assistant always willing to help you to deal with cold. What is more, the word “doorkeeper” in Russian and Ukrainian is close to the work “Swiss”, that’s why it indicates the country of Helpex origin. The concept is supported with the slogan “Helpex helps cold to leave”.