TWIGA is one of the biggest independent communicative
Groups in CIS
Our agencies in Ukraine

TWIGA Advertising Ukraine

Marketing Communications (strategy planning, communication strategies, positioning, integrated communication campaigns, promotion strategies)

Creative (development of creative solutions in marketing communications Ė creative concepts of integrated communication campaigns, creative advertising & POS materials, ideas for BTL & PR projects, Branding&Identity)

Studio (design & pagemaking of prints, firm style elements, packing, label, etc.)

Creative Production (audio & video advertising production, etc.)

PR (PR strategiesí development, creation of informational causes, preparation of PR materials, press-releases distribution, work with target media and opinion leaders, press-conferences, press-events, etc.)

¬TL (Consumer Promotion Ė TA touch points promotion with different mechanics as presentation, consultation, sampling, leafleting, lotteries, gifts for purchase, flash mob, etc.; Trade Marketing - merchandising, POSm placing, motivation programs, monitoring, booking, logistics, special projects, trade actions, etc.; Event Marketing Ė corporate, special and mass events)